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DUNS: 080501545

INTER-OP is an Information Technology firm that provides a range of support services to corporate and government customers.  They are a veteran owned small business and are dedicated to providing an extremely high level of service to their customers and partners as well as an outstanding work experience for their employees.

ISHPI was born a cyber-services company supporting the U.S. Armed Forces personnel and other direct defenders of the homeland with a heavy focus on emerging asymmetric Information Operations.  Over the years, our focus on cyber related services has held steady while our customer base and functional capabilities expanded exponentially to envelop essentially all cyber impacted components of modern warfare.  Our approach to cyber surety has evolved to become holistic in nature, based on firm conviction that cyber activities are never truly secure unless every layer of the OSI model and every human input associated with the activity (directly or indirectly) is engineered and integrated for cyber security.